Our Story



Our Mission

From Day 1, we had only one goal in mind, the under-privileged children's well-being. We want to strike out hunger, fight diseases and impart education for children worldwide. Every day, we wake up committed to use our resources to build a world where everyone may live a healthy and productive life. Above all, we think that all lives are equally valuable. That is why we have decided to donate 100% of all our profits to global children's charities across four continents.

Our Passion

Our passion is to create an all natural, socially responsible product that empowers high performing athletes to achieve greater heights. Whether you are a top tennis player, a rugged football player, a hardworking high school student, an anxious college graduate, an overworking executive or a single mom doing double jobs, the TUPA Bar will give you the energy you need from a product that contains zero harmful chemicals or substances. Our passion is to create the tastiest brittle bar in the world with only natural ingredients.



Our Vision

Asking donations to change the world is so 19th century. Providing a responsible product to create profits and channelize those into 'not for profits' working for children is our vision. We want to help one charity at a time change the plight of children. The TUPA community is filled with wonderful people from various organizations who benefit from our donations each year. We want to continue to help them strike out global hunger, fight diseases and impart education.




Tarun Andre Lucas is a 15yr old entrepreneur who is the CEO & Founder of TUPA. During one of his trips to India to meet his grand parents, he encountered a life changing event. He saw the plight of children in rural areas and the plight of children of immigrant workers struggling for food and education. He decided to create a socially responsible company that produced a world class product and dedicate all of the profits to help children's charities achieve their goals. Eureka!  TUPA Bar was born. 

THE IDEAL PROTEIN BAR that contains the manna(simple ingredients) that God gave. Soon, he realized 'A snack could change the world'!